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Choose the fine taste

The Moldova in Bucate range of sausages offers a superior culinary experience with fine-tasting meat products prepared with natural spices. Suitable for a hearty and delicious breakfast or a quick snack between meals.

Pork crenwurst

Packaging: vacuum-sealed, 500 grams

The sausages are made from high quality pork, delicious whether you eat them plain or with mustard and ketchup.

Polish sausages

Packaging: vacuum-sealed, 500 grams

Prepared with 90% pork, no colorings or preservatives. Delicious for lunch with a side of vegetables.

Chicken crenwurst

Packaging: vacuum-sealed, 300 grams

The tastiest breakfast also contains chicken breast hot dogs, made from top quality pork.

How It's Made

Do you want to know how our Moldova în Bucate products are made? Watch „How it’s made” documentary developed by Discovery Romania team in our factory in Vaslui!


Where can you find us?

You can find us in the Auchan, Carrefour, Kaufland, Cora hypermarket network. In the Moldavia area we also have our own network of stores. To order online, go to Freshful by Emag, Sezamo or Emag. Meet you there!